July 24, 2018

To call the finals of the 2018 World Cup merely fun would be doing it an injustice. A nail-bitingly fast-paced game, seeing all of six goals (as many as the previous four finals combined), this was a final considerably wilder than anybody could have bargained for. And we at Bay15 are glad that we got to be a part of it in our own small way.

Goans have spent a large part of this World Cup reveling at Bay15, where we hosted the official World Cup live screenings under the banner Football Unlimited. We even went a step further to make the event all the more engaging by releasing the official Bay15 app with our digital partner Creometric. The app allowed people to make predictions about the outcome of the match and was a smash hit. In addition to the app, prediction cards were also handed out.

The screening of the finals saw a massive turnout at Bay15. We had 240 people in attendance with quite a few France fans in the crowd (yes, even we were surprised) for what was an absolutely heart-thumpingly wild finale. Given the deafening din of cheers that started once France won, we’re a little shocked we can still hear.

The prediction cards were given out at the venue before every match allowed guests to select the team they thought would win, which then gave them the chance to win prizes that included a free beer, winning tickets to the next world cup in Qatar and much more.

The Bay15 app allowed guests to predict the winner of the match, starting two hours before the match till 10 minutes after the match had started. If their prediction was correct by the end of the match, they would win yourself a beer. The app also allowed guests to redeem offers on food and alcohol, and win spot prizes as well as a jersey autographed by Lionel Messi.

And if you thought it was only about match screenings in surround-sound, think again! We had face-painting, football-themed housie, spot prizes, and football-themed food and cocktails, curated especially for the moment.

All in all, the Bay15 football screening experience was befitting of an event as spectacular as the World Cup; simply put, it was all around entertainment.

World Cup or not, it’s an enthralling experience at Bay15 any time of the year, so check out our luxury stay options here. If it’s your palate you need to satiate, we’ve got that covered too! Check out our dining options here.

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