February 27, 2018

Bay 15 is uniquely poised in a cozy bay with the spectacular view of the coast. Apart from offering a stunning holiday in Goa, it is located a few kilometers away from Panjim, where you can find everything you need to make your vacation a memorable one.

The city’s beautiful waterfront makes for a spectacular backdrop. Panjim’s vibrant life offers a range of things to do for the holidaymaker, like shopping, nightlife, art and more. Here are just a few of things you can add to your itinerary when on a holiday in Goa.

Visit the Panjim Church

The oldest Church in the city is a famous landmark in Goa. A spot for all holidaymakers, it’s steeped in history. The monument houses the second largest bell in the state and also one of the oldest restored pipe organs. The main altar is dedicated to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, known as Nossa Senhora da Immaculada Conceicao in Portuguese.

Walk along the Latin Quarter

Perhaps one of the most beautiful sites to walk through is the old Latin Quarter or Fontainhas in Goa. It’s narrow windings lanes are lined up with beautiful Indo-Portuguese homes that make for perfect postcard takeaways. One can spend an entire morning just walking through these streets. You can stop by the Gallery Gitanjali in the area for a look at the art on display. But architecturally Fontainhas is quite an eyeful and will give you plenty to admire.

Spent an Arty afternoon at Sunaparanta Centre of Arts

Art fans will enjoy their time at the Sunaparanta Centre of Arts in Altinho. They always have an interesting show on and you can take a look around. Also, they have a charming cafe called  Cafe Bodega in the center courtyard, that makes for a splendid hideout away from the afternoon heat.

Shop for Goan knick-knacks

Panjim has plenty for shopaholics of all tastes. There’s the busy MG Road, 18TH June Road where you can take off to for a round of the stores. You can pick up anything from local handicrafts, shell crafts, silver shops, garments, cashew nuts and more. If you’re looking for homegrown brands, then Nirvana and the Mario Miranda stores are some to look into.

Visit the Science Centre

If you’re looking to do something different with your time, the Science Centre in Miramar will jog up those grey cells quite nicely. It’s a treat for kids too as they can learn something about the origins of the oceans. But what’s fun is the latest addition, The Hall of Mirrors where you get a whole range of reflections to see.

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